Since the early 1960s, Giuseppe Arangiaro understood "made in Italy" guaranteed success and soon became one of the largest exporters of kitchens throughout the world.  Antonio, Giuseppe's son, now carries on the family tradition of sharing with the world kitchens that have the best design, superb finishes, the best hardware and quality to last generations.

Binova has been engaged in creating exquisite kitchen cabinetry since 1958.  Their artisan past is present today in the fine craftsmanship of their products.  As they hold onto that traditional of excellence, they embrace new technologies, bringing to market procucts that address the functionality of today's kitchen and concerns of the environment.


Luxury Italian Kitchens

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"The Home, Made In Italy" is the foundation of Kico's identity.  They are dedicated to bringing quality furniture and furnishing solutions to the living and sleeping areas of the home.  Kico believes that a home is made alive by the quality products brought within.